Welcome to the exhilarating world of warehouse management. Experience the struggles of a bossman, forced to terminate staff by the pressures of capitalism. Luckily robots work for free. All is well, until one totally random day -- H@CK3RZ hack your workforce and turn the robots against you. Can you survive the robot uprising and save your precious warehouse?

Created for VimJam 2: Boss [8 Bits to Infinity] - itch.io . You play as the BOSS of a warehouse. Robots ON THE EDGE above you drop boxes and bombs in your general direction. Stack the boxes to reach the ladder and save your warehouse.

Recommended to play at full screen. See title screen to select difficult and view controls. Instructions in game introduction. 

Created by Andy, Randy and Jon.


Warehouse Boss_windows.zip 16 MB


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I absolutely love this game. It was creative and a good bit. It was challenging and simple at the same time. Love the music as well. Great game

I'm really glad you enjoyed it! We put a lot of work into this in such a short time and we all appreciate the positive feedback, thank you!